What Our Clients Say...

“It is impossible to praise sufficiently the handling of our move. The loading with Kona Trans could not have been better. The packing and crating superb. Everything arrived without the slightest damage. Even the very delicate items.

On the receiving end, Heather was friendly, professional and very helpful.

The delivery: the driver and Donna his team leader could not have done a better job: unbelievably hard working from start to stop. While always smiling, asking if we needed anything done, responding quickly and with a smile whenever asked. Tremendous care was taken with our possessions and their placement. This was also true of all the helpers, in every way matching their leaders.

I’m quite demanding in my expectations. I cannot find anyway of suggesting improvement.

Thank you all for making our 7,000 mile, undesired move, one which we were dreading, and making it almost pleasant.

Please share with ALL involved people.”

Herb and Sunny Aston

Everything arrived in great condition today, hoping the contents of the boxes are in great condition also, once they are opened.  Hugo was phenomenal, along with the local crew.  Between Ricardo and Hugo, you’ve got two great drivers!  NORCO did a great job!  Thank you again!!

“The crew was amazing. Your move consultant was wonderful. This was the best company I have ever moved with. I will always use Norco-Mayflower.”

Gloria B

“Norco was fantastic! Everyone was helpful, friendly, and courteous. Your move consultant was excellent and your crew was the best. A perfect move!”

Ralph T

“While moving is a lot of work, our moving team, led by Norco’s driver, was upbeat; on time; highly energetic; and very conscientious about packing, loading, and unloading of our household goods. Our move could not have gone more smoothly!”

Shana J